11/11/12 – TNA Presents Turning Point

Coming to you LIVE from the Impact Zone!

Commentary Team is Todd Kinnely on Play-By-Play, Mike Tenay being the professor, and Taz being Color Commentary. Todd has really been impressing. I liked the 3-man team. Big improvement.

Opens with TNA trying to get people to donate to the Red Cross by texting. Cool thought, hope people actually help.

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (Television Title) –  Great stuff here. Used the No-DQ stipulation sparingly, but the wrestling was great.  Can’t believe Magnus kicked out of the Muscle Buster. Good opener, kinda wish Magnus got the win. ***1/2

Jesse & Tara vs. Eric Young & ODB (Mixed Tag Team Match) – Great to see Eric Young again. EY’s first on-air match since May. Really fun match actually. Wasn’t expecting much. Wrestling wasn’t the best, but I enjoyed watched it **1/4
Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam (X-Division Title)- Hey! RVD found his belt! (He literally had lost it and hasn’t had it at the house shows. I wouldn’t consider either one of these guys as X-Division, but I guess they’re lightweight enough. Joey Ryan with an INSANE Tornado DDT. He has a swinging neckbreaker off the top rope, called the Mustache Ride, cool move. Joey Ryan really impressing. RVD wins with the frog splash. Solid match, bad result. Matt Morgan attacks after the match. Matt Morgan for X-Divison champion!!!**1/2
Joseph Parks vs. D.O.C. – Doc or Director of Chaos is Luke Gallows from the Straight Edge Society, and now a member of Aces and Eights. Not a wrestling clinic here. Although I’d love to see with Doc and Abyss could do. Gallows is always better with the bigger guys (See Undertaker), Hammer almost came into play, but Parks managed to avoid it. Don’t know what it says about Doc, that he had to cheat to gain momentum. Parks is bleeding from the show from the chain. Something has snapped in Joseph Parks! BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!!! He takes too long to pin though. Parks clocks him with a chair! Doc still kicks out. Doc wins with a chokeslam. Doc attacks afterwards, and Bully Ray to make the same! How nice. I wasn’t originally going to rate this, but it was solid for what it was. I was entertained.**1/4
Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (TNA Tag Team Titles) – They will always be the World Tag Team Champions of the World to me, no matter the outcome. Hopefully TNA realizes this. Great match, too much exciting stuff to call. A lot of great tag team maneuvers, especially from KazDaniels. Cool finish with TexMex doing a Doomsday Device with a cross body. Still sad KazDaniels lost. ***3/4
Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. AJ Styles (#1 Contender’s Match)- Winner gets a title match at the next PPV. Whoever gets pinned doesn’t get a title shot until at least Bound for Glory 2013. Should be a great match. Pulling for Styles here, wouldn’t mind seeing Roode win. Wicked chopping battle between Storm and Roode. A lot of history there. AJ with some nice psychology with James Storms leg. Still a slow match but things are picking up quickly. AJ favoring the knee. Storm goes for the superkick but AJ with a springboard! Beer Money works together!!! Cool moment! Aww, they almost went for the BEER! MONEY! Would have added 10 stars to the rating. Assisted Hurricanarana on Roode! AJ is awesome in this match. AJ misses the 450 and Roode with a spear! 2 count! Now with the crossface but AJ reverses it! 2 count! Roode hits a yurinagi!? wtf. Only a 2 though. Storm hits the Last Call on AJ! 1, 2, 3!!!! Storm gets a title shot in December! AJ doesn’t get a title shot for nearly a year though. Hope he doesn’t turn heel. I like cheering for him. Another great one. ***3/4
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Kurt Angle vs. Devon –Who’d have thought this would be a big deal in 2012? Of all the matches, this is one that I think needed a stipulation. Devon needs this win. “It’s just an Angle Slam!” Aces and Eights comes out near the end as a distraction, Devon spears Angle, two count. Angle wins with the ankle lock!!! Meh, solid outing, nothing interesting. Doc threatens Angle after the match. That should be a good one. **1/2
AJ is all pissy backstage. Don’t blame him.
Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Title / Ladder Match) – Lots of great spots in this one. Props to both men. Ladder Matches are always awesome. This one was no different. ****1/4
Overall Rating – Really good PPV. I was entertained by pretty much everything on this card. Three awesome matches, everything else was solid, even when it shouldn’t have been. Crowd was good even though they were in the Impact Zone, and Todd was such a welcome addition to the commentary team. Tazz and Tenay were actually having fun out there. Good job TNA. ***1/2

6/26/11 – ROH Presents Best in the World 2011

This was on iPPV, and according to ROH, the best selling one in history.

Coming from the as always awesome Hammerstein Ballroom.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Colt Cabana – Starting off the iPPV with more of a comedy match by letting Colt start it off. The usual comedy from Colt here. He truly is a funny guy. Ciampa is pretty solid. His finisher was pretty cool. Solid way to start off the PPV, yet nothing too spectacular. **1/4

Jay Lethal vs. Mike Bennett – Jay Lethal is making his return after being gone since 2006 from the company. Nice Randy Savage chant from the crowd. Don’t get why ROH is so behind Mike Bennett, he’s average at best. But glad they gave Lethal the return-win. Nice to see the elbow drop again. **1/2
Homicide vs. Rhino (No Holds Barred Street Fight) – Rhino! Yes!!!!! Homicide hasn’t been that great since returning, but this is probably the best he’s looked. Rhino looked great here. Pretty brutal match at times. I enjoyed it. ***1/4
Steve Corino vs. Michael Elgin – Kevin Steen returns before the match! Yes!!!!! But he gets kicked out of the building. Boo. Good match with some nice moves followed. Surprised Elgin got the win. **3/4
Kevin Steen returns again after the match and TURNS ON STEVE CORINO!!! What an awesome segment.
El Generico vs. Christopher Daniels (TV Title Match) – Generico finally gets a singles title in ROH and what a match it was! Daniels had a great run in ROH, hope to see him back soon. ****
Kings of Wrestling vs. The All Night Express vs. The Briscoes vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (World Tag Team Title Match – Elimination Style) – Wow is it possible to get 8 better men in the ring? Shock to see Briscoes go out first. Started out slow, but for a 40 minute BATTLE, I’m okay with it. ****1/2
Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards (ROH World Title Match) – Wow….Match of the Year so far. Probably will not be topped. Just watch the damn match. *****
Overall Rating – The final half of the show is a must see as is the Steen segment. Go see this show. You won’t regret it. ****1/4